Monday, November 9, 2009


langkah yang telah kau mulakan itu
kan kau sudah pulang ke rumah?

pintu kayu yang tidak bernyawa itu
biar yang merindu tahu
kau sudah pulang ke rumah

dan cium tangan kedua orang tuamu
kau kan sudah pulang ke rumah?

kau terasa asing?
sudah terlalu lama kau jauh dari rumah
tapi kini
kan kau sudah pulang ke rumah?

hai jiwa,
apa yang kau tunggu lagi
termenung dari tadi
kan kau sudah pulang ke rumah?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

90 minutes with the Kings

I'm a Malaysian who was brought up and taught with manners. Something happened today, and it made me wonder, what if, you had the chance to attend a gathering with some highest royals? Let say the King himself. What would you do? How will you behave? Here is a story that might be useful tips if you had the chance one day.

Whistle blows indicate the match is over. 90 minutes is up. Negri Sembilan is now the new champion of the league defeating Kelantan as the opposing team. Oh, sorry, I'm not aware which league they're competing in. But leave it aside. After all, it's not the league I'm going to talk about here, nor the result. Someone gotta win, and the other lose. It's the nature of a game.

I watched the game, full time on telly. I saw the newly appointed Negri Sembilan Yang Dipertuan Besar sat next to  Sultan Kelantan (in acting). I suppose Tuan Guru Nik Aziz was also there, joining the rest of the crowd to witness the glorious final match. The stadium was full, filled up with almost 85 000 spectators. A match to remember, I said to myself when I heard the number. And so I help myself, made a cup of coffee to celebrate the game.

I tried to recall the surroundings when I watch English Premiere League or Spanish La Liga. The cheering crowds at the stadium and any mamak restaurant with big white screen telecasting the match live from far, the commentators words, laughs, all the emotions and reactions included. And I found that we are living in a quite different situation. More dangerous one. I recalled, the crowds at the fully-seated stadium never did once has made terrible trouble since I watch EPL live at mamak restaurant. But in Malaysian stadium, it's different.

Back to the stadium. During the match, I've seen at least 3 small fires took out, thousands of empty or almost empty bottles thrown to the field, non-stop fire-crackers ignitions.  Smokes are everywhere to be seen. They (the players) were just like playing football in hell. Or the game itself was like a real war with guns and torpedo and so on. At first I thought the supporters were just too happy or excited. But in short time, things are getting much, much more maddening. I fear the match would be stopped by the referee before the 90 minutes is over. Thank God that didn't happen. Thank God the spectators didn't transform into true hooligans.

Negri won the match. They ruled the game. Of course the opposing supporters are not going to like this. I know they were mad. They paid to watch the game live at the stadium and they paid more than just the tickets, but also some unavoidable expenses. They put so much on stake. Despite all that, didn't they think they should at least pay some respect to the royals who watched the game with them? They (the spectators) were behaving no better than uncivilized bunch of homo-sapiens. Burning banners, chairs, not to mention fire-crackers, what's all these about? Were they thinking the match was a real war-battle? Hey hooligans, go to Palestine and fight the Zionists if you really got the balls guts I tell you now. We are having only some football match down here!

Poor the Kings. Nobody seems to be aware of their existence under the grandstand. Nobody seemed to pay some respect of their existence there. I couldn't tell how'd they feel, after seeing those chaotic events. To the Kings, if you happen to be reading this, I plead guilty for their mistakes, and I beg your pardon for them. They didn't mean to offend you both. Seriously. I mean, they seriously didn't mean to offend you intendedly, nor they meant to offend you that serious.

As for the commentators who kept making mistakes, they were screwing the emotion of the match. They called the players who held the ball (not THAT balls) with wrong names. They were also giving some irrelevant comments at the wrong time. With so much effort they would've put on to comment on the match before it starts, still, they make irrelevant mistakes though. I thought they were just some randomly-picked clowns to fill up the seat. They weren't just making comments, but also stupid jokes. I was laughing at them, not their jokes. That's what we do to clown, if I'm not mistaken?

The match was okay compared to any other typical local (I repeat: LOCAL) football match. I didn't expect it to turn out just like Chelsea vs. Man. United match quality. That's why I thought it was an okay match. The problems came from the spectators and the commentators. If you watched the match the way I did, I'm sure you'll get the picture.

Oh, the 90 minutes with the Kings. I almost forgotten that. That is the issue here. Where the heck are all the friendly, peaceful manners they (the hooligan-happened-to-be) taught us when we were little kids?  Or these are what you really meant when you taught us manners? Those chaotic, improperness, abruptness ignited excitement to you, huh? If so, well then, I think I should congratulate you for it. We all had a great time, didn't we?

Dear readers, so you see what to do if you had such a chance I suppose. I'm not saying we must worship the Kings, kiss their foot all the time, but I say, we must pay some respect to them. Some. Thats all I'm asking. Should you want to give full respect, it is your call. Should you don't, the stage is all yours.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

V-th of november

WARNING: If you are about to read this article, please be reminded to read it carefully, critically. But due to some controversy content it possessed, it should not be viewed by anyone. thank you.

Days has passed by since November the 5th and as a fan of a 2006 film, V for Vendetta, I remember the 5th marked as a very important date in this fim. I love the film very much. In fact, I watched the film more than 20 times if not 40. Hahaha! Sounds a lil' obsessed, doesn't it? Plus, I also read many articles regarding  background of the story. Now that really sound obsessed.

Though nowadays I don't watch the film as frequent as I did before, I still can simply recall all the plots, scripts and the ideas of the story as it is glued in my memory.

Yes, Guy Fawkes, the anarchy character who sparked the whole idea of the story was a Catholic, and he fought for his faith against the Protestants who were in power at the time. Also, November the 5th is his "legacy" of religous beliefs. I admit that. I know Natalie Portman who played as Evey Hammond in the film is a proud Jew. But to me, what matters is not his faith nor her blood-line, but the ideas, the ideas that keep me watching the film over an over again.

The idea of the story, in my viewpoint, was to tell us that revolution does happen in time regardless of the place it take part, and there's nothing we can do about it but to be witness of the revolution and help to shape it the way it should (presuming the revolution is to become a reality). On the other hand, if we choose to oppose the revolution, thus we must prepare ourselves to be revolutionized by the power of the hands of time.

At the end of the plots, all the people who gathered outside the gates of houses of parliament unmasked themselves, revealing their faces simultaneously stressing out the point that V is everybody. V is not a man but an idea. Everybody who possesses idea(s) can be him.

Within less than a week, shocking news has emerged in our surroundings, waking us up to seek for the facts and truth, to seek who's to blame too. Slightly ahead, I believe this situation will lead to another revolution in our mind-paradigm eventually. This evolution at first will be none but merely just a revolution of our way of seeing things, evaluate them. Then it will make us becoming more critical and we'll never feell satisfied of it. At which point, the physical revolution will takeover. whoa! what a conspiracy!

Revolution is never always a bad thing. The history shows us many revolutioner get opposed quite hard untill some of them died, jailed, executed, and so much worse that possible. But when they succeed, everybody seems to feel like to support and commemorate the success of a revolution. They no longer believe the revolution was a bad thing to be done. Will the same thing happen to us? You can start guessing.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Segala puji bagi Allah, robbul 'alameen, selawat dan salam buat junjungan Muhammad bin Abdillah, Rasulullah.

Terlebih dahulu, jutaan terima kasih buat para pengunjung dan pembaca sekalian.

Dalam kesempatan yang amat sedikit ini, tidak lupa untuk saya mulakan bulan November ini dengan sepatah dua kata dari saya sendiri selaku penulis solo blog ini. Walaupun seharusnya masukan ini menjadi kepala dalam setiap bulan, namun apakan daya sudah ada masukan lain dilihat sebagai keutamaan yang lebih penting untuk diposkan terlebih dahulu. Tak mengapalah lambat ataupun cepat, asalkan ada sekurang-kurangnya, bukan?

Malam sebelum ini, saya berkesempatan berbincang isu-isu nasional dan antarabangsa dengan seorang rakan saya yang turut peka terhadap isu-isu ini walaupun kami masih dicengkam dengan kesibukan untuk menghadapi penilaian sistem pendidikan sekular. Antara dapatan dari perbincangan tersebut seperti yang dinyatakan dalam masukan sebelum ini, "untuk arwah palestin" yang agak mengejutkan bahawa sesungguhnya tiada lagi Palestin ditandakan dalam peta dunia yang baru, mulai tahun 2001 jika tak silap kami. Menurut beliau, hanya negara-negara Islam yang masih memanggil Palestin sebagai Palestin sedangkan sudah banyak negara-negara lain tidak lagi mengiktiraf kewujudan negeri yang sentiasa berdarah tersebut. Dalam kelekaan kita mengejar kemajuan, kita terlupa untuk mempertahankan kubu keagungan kiblat agama suci ini. Salut untuk para mujahidin yang tidak putus asa berjuang demi agama dan maruah kemerdekaan mereka.

Kemudian kami sempat bersama-sama membaca kemaskini terbaru sebuah akhbar dalam talian yang menyatakan penahanan seorang agamawan terkenal tanah air dalam tempoh kurang dua jam berita tersebut dipaparkan di muka depan akhbar dalam talian tersebut. Apa yang saya lihat sebagai suatu kecacatan dalam tindakan tersebut adalah alasan penahanan yang lemah lagi tidak relevan jika dilihat dalam konteks kemasyarakatan yang semakin jatuh nilai moral dan pemikirannya ini.  Hal ini adalah bertepatan dengan logik akal manusia-manusia yang masih waras dan sedar dengan ancaman yang dibawa oleh ajaran-ajaran yang difatwakan sesat oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dan jabatan-jabatan agama negeri masing-masing. Perbandingan ini mempunyai asas yang kukuh untuk diperhujahkan secara akademik dan matang. Bukan dengan tindakan melulu yang akhirnya menyebabkan diri sendiri yang malu. Insiden-insiden seperti ini sudah pasti akan menjadi buah mulut masyarakat moden amnya sekaligus boleh mencabar kredibiliti badan-badan yang dipertanggungjawabkan dengan amanah yang amat berat menjaga kesucian agama Islam di tanah tumpah darah ini. Diharapkan isu ini dapat diselesaikan secara aman dan adil.

Revolusi yang cuba digarap dan dibawa oleh beliau, menurut pandangan saya berdasarkan situasi dan pengetahuan semasa, bukanlah suatu ancaman yang besar, bahkan tidak layak dikira sebagai suatu ancaman sekalipun. Adakah cubaan menangkis tradisi yang sudah berkompromi dengan budaya dan selalunya bersifat rigid itu sentiasa adalah salah dan perlu dibanteras? Sejarah  menunjukkan, golongan yang cuba membawa  pembaharuan sentiasa ditekan dan ditentang walaupun perubahan yang dibawa itu tidak bertentangan dengan aqidah Islam. Adakah ini tanda sejarah yang akan berulang kembali? Izinkan juga kelancangan saya bertanya, apakah sebenarnya budaya masyarakat Melayu ini  adalah budaya Islam? Pada pengetahuan saya, terlalu besar jurangnya budaya Melayu yang diamalkan sejak turun-temurun dengan budaya Islam yang kian diabaikan tanpa dimatikan. Jadi terdapat satu garis yang kabur antara "revolusi" yang cuba beliau bawakan dengan "asimilasi dan adaptasi agama dalam kehidupan moden", yakni, beliau hanya cuba untuk membawa semula Islam yang diamalkan oleh para Mukmin pada zaman Muhammad s.a.w., seterusnya zaman sahabat-sahabat yang terdekat dengan baginda s.a.w. dengan suatu pendekatan yang mudah dalam kaedah fiqhnya berdasarkan cara hidup manusia dizaman millenium ini.


Ada masanya, saya lebih selesa untuk menukilkan idea dan pemikiran saya dalam bentuk penulisan kreatif, seperti yang saudara-saudari pembaca dapat lihat sejak dua atau tiga bulan ini. Mungkin keadaan ini akan berterusan, mungkin juga tidak. Bergantunglah kepada ilham yang sudi menyinggah di kamar pemikiran ini. Apapun, kesemua hasil penulisan tersebut diharap dapat mencetuskan kemahuan para pembaca untuk mendalami idea yang diselindungi dengan bait-bait puitis dan melihat dunia ini dari pelbagai perspektif supaya kita lebih mudah peka terhadap isu-isu yang dianggap kecil dan tidak signifikan kepada kita, sedangkan halnya isu tersebut memberi impak secara tidak langsung kepada kehidupan dan cara kita berfikir.

Nampaknya sudah terlalu panjang saya menulis untuk masukan selingan ini, maka saya mengundurkan diri dahulu. Doakan saya rajin berusaha dan tidak mudah mengalah untuk mencapai kejayaan dengan izin-Nya, ameen insyaAllah.
Selamat membaca.


untuk arwah palestin

tangis sang langit tak meredakan api kemarahan, jauh sekali untuk memadamkan.
api dendam kesumat yang tak kunjung padam, bilakah menyalanya atas sebab apa?
bumi subur yang dikurniakan Tuhan menjadi rebutan,
manusia celaka terus melakukan pembunuhan, menjadi bapa kepada penderitaan.
belas kasihan terus dibuang dari kamus kehidupan.
demi cita-cita yang menutup mata dan membutakan.

tangis sang bayi tidak lagi memberikan senyuman persis sang ayah yang bersyukur dengan kelahiran.
hujan peluru dan bom terus menjadi hiburan telinga yang sudah pekak kepada perihal kemanusiaan.
wajah-wajah derita si anak kecil seakan panorama mengghairahkan buat yang dibutakan dengan kemewahan.
kitakah yang menjadi penyokong kepada kezaliman? terus lena walaupun dengkur kedengaran di angkasa raya.

si pendosa mengaku wira, mendabik dada terus kekal hipokrit
berlakon budiman menghulurkan roti-roti beracun buat si fakir
menyambut baik berjabat dengan si jahanam yang terus dilaknat
senyuman yang dilemparkan
adalah senyuman tanda hipokrit yang belum tumbang, meski sudah ditelanjangkan.

tatkala yang lain sedang nyenyak selepas menyantap nikmat dunia
masih ada yang sedang bersengkang mata, berjaga-jaga
mengangkat senjata satu-satunya cara
bukan demi kemewahan tapi untuk maruah warisan yang kian dipertahankan.

terima kasih sahabat
walau kita tak kenal rapat
walau tangan tak pernah berjabat
kalian memang manusia yang hebat
biar digempur si laknat

biar dihurung rasa penat
kalimah tauhid jadi azimat
mujahidin yang tak kenal lelah dan penat.

**tahukah anda Palestine sudah tiada ditandakan lagi dalam peta dunia terbaru?