Saturday, November 7, 2009

V-th of november

WARNING: If you are about to read this article, please be reminded to read it carefully, critically. But due to some controversy content it possessed, it should not be viewed by anyone. thank you.

Days has passed by since November the 5th and as a fan of a 2006 film, V for Vendetta, I remember the 5th marked as a very important date in this fim. I love the film very much. In fact, I watched the film more than 20 times if not 40. Hahaha! Sounds a lil' obsessed, doesn't it? Plus, I also read many articles regarding  background of the story. Now that really sound obsessed.

Though nowadays I don't watch the film as frequent as I did before, I still can simply recall all the plots, scripts and the ideas of the story as it is glued in my memory.

Yes, Guy Fawkes, the anarchy character who sparked the whole idea of the story was a Catholic, and he fought for his faith against the Protestants who were in power at the time. Also, November the 5th is his "legacy" of religous beliefs. I admit that. I know Natalie Portman who played as Evey Hammond in the film is a proud Jew. But to me, what matters is not his faith nor her blood-line, but the ideas, the ideas that keep me watching the film over an over again.

The idea of the story, in my viewpoint, was to tell us that revolution does happen in time regardless of the place it take part, and there's nothing we can do about it but to be witness of the revolution and help to shape it the way it should (presuming the revolution is to become a reality). On the other hand, if we choose to oppose the revolution, thus we must prepare ourselves to be revolutionized by the power of the hands of time.

At the end of the plots, all the people who gathered outside the gates of houses of parliament unmasked themselves, revealing their faces simultaneously stressing out the point that V is everybody. V is not a man but an idea. Everybody who possesses idea(s) can be him.

Within less than a week, shocking news has emerged in our surroundings, waking us up to seek for the facts and truth, to seek who's to blame too. Slightly ahead, I believe this situation will lead to another revolution in our mind-paradigm eventually. This evolution at first will be none but merely just a revolution of our way of seeing things, evaluate them. Then it will make us becoming more critical and we'll never feell satisfied of it. At which point, the physical revolution will takeover. whoa! what a conspiracy!

Revolution is never always a bad thing. The history shows us many revolutioner get opposed quite hard untill some of them died, jailed, executed, and so much worse that possible. But when they succeed, everybody seems to feel like to support and commemorate the success of a revolution. They no longer believe the revolution was a bad thing to be done. Will the same thing happen to us? You can start guessing.

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