Sunday, November 8, 2009

90 minutes with the Kings

I'm a Malaysian who was brought up and taught with manners. Something happened today, and it made me wonder, what if, you had the chance to attend a gathering with some highest royals? Let say the King himself. What would you do? How will you behave? Here is a story that might be useful tips if you had the chance one day.

Whistle blows indicate the match is over. 90 minutes is up. Negri Sembilan is now the new champion of the league defeating Kelantan as the opposing team. Oh, sorry, I'm not aware which league they're competing in. But leave it aside. After all, it's not the league I'm going to talk about here, nor the result. Someone gotta win, and the other lose. It's the nature of a game.

I watched the game, full time on telly. I saw the newly appointed Negri Sembilan Yang Dipertuan Besar sat next to  Sultan Kelantan (in acting). I suppose Tuan Guru Nik Aziz was also there, joining the rest of the crowd to witness the glorious final match. The stadium was full, filled up with almost 85 000 spectators. A match to remember, I said to myself when I heard the number. And so I help myself, made a cup of coffee to celebrate the game.

I tried to recall the surroundings when I watch English Premiere League or Spanish La Liga. The cheering crowds at the stadium and any mamak restaurant with big white screen telecasting the match live from far, the commentators words, laughs, all the emotions and reactions included. And I found that we are living in a quite different situation. More dangerous one. I recalled, the crowds at the fully-seated stadium never did once has made terrible trouble since I watch EPL live at mamak restaurant. But in Malaysian stadium, it's different.

Back to the stadium. During the match, I've seen at least 3 small fires took out, thousands of empty or almost empty bottles thrown to the field, non-stop fire-crackers ignitions.  Smokes are everywhere to be seen. They (the players) were just like playing football in hell. Or the game itself was like a real war with guns and torpedo and so on. At first I thought the supporters were just too happy or excited. But in short time, things are getting much, much more maddening. I fear the match would be stopped by the referee before the 90 minutes is over. Thank God that didn't happen. Thank God the spectators didn't transform into true hooligans.

Negri won the match. They ruled the game. Of course the opposing supporters are not going to like this. I know they were mad. They paid to watch the game live at the stadium and they paid more than just the tickets, but also some unavoidable expenses. They put so much on stake. Despite all that, didn't they think they should at least pay some respect to the royals who watched the game with them? They (the spectators) were behaving no better than uncivilized bunch of homo-sapiens. Burning banners, chairs, not to mention fire-crackers, what's all these about? Were they thinking the match was a real war-battle? Hey hooligans, go to Palestine and fight the Zionists if you really got the balls guts I tell you now. We are having only some football match down here!

Poor the Kings. Nobody seems to be aware of their existence under the grandstand. Nobody seemed to pay some respect of their existence there. I couldn't tell how'd they feel, after seeing those chaotic events. To the Kings, if you happen to be reading this, I plead guilty for their mistakes, and I beg your pardon for them. They didn't mean to offend you both. Seriously. I mean, they seriously didn't mean to offend you intendedly, nor they meant to offend you that serious.

As for the commentators who kept making mistakes, they were screwing the emotion of the match. They called the players who held the ball (not THAT balls) with wrong names. They were also giving some irrelevant comments at the wrong time. With so much effort they would've put on to comment on the match before it starts, still, they make irrelevant mistakes though. I thought they were just some randomly-picked clowns to fill up the seat. They weren't just making comments, but also stupid jokes. I was laughing at them, not their jokes. That's what we do to clown, if I'm not mistaken?

The match was okay compared to any other typical local (I repeat: LOCAL) football match. I didn't expect it to turn out just like Chelsea vs. Man. United match quality. That's why I thought it was an okay match. The problems came from the spectators and the commentators. If you watched the match the way I did, I'm sure you'll get the picture.

Oh, the 90 minutes with the Kings. I almost forgotten that. That is the issue here. Where the heck are all the friendly, peaceful manners they (the hooligan-happened-to-be) taught us when we were little kids?  Or these are what you really meant when you taught us manners? Those chaotic, improperness, abruptness ignited excitement to you, huh? If so, well then, I think I should congratulate you for it. We all had a great time, didn't we?

Dear readers, so you see what to do if you had such a chance I suppose. I'm not saying we must worship the Kings, kiss their foot all the time, but I say, we must pay some respect to them. Some. Thats all I'm asking. Should you want to give full respect, it is your call. Should you don't, the stage is all yours.


  1. nasib aku tak tengok. kalo tak 90 minutes risaukan keselamatan indra putra dan n9 jersi no 9 je. ishh. hahaha.

    kalau xde sultan2 pun perbuatan huligan2 tu memang tak patut. bakar kerusi baling mercun dah mcm tak bertamadun. nanti org stereotype kan kite tau lak nak marah.

  2. alah, malas nak tengok, ngaku je la. haha :p

    manusia ni suka mencari sebab/alasan yg kukuh utk berbuat sesuatu. perhaps to behave themselves, they need some sort of reason too. and in this case, wouldn't the appearance of the Kings be enough for them to be the reason to behave?
    it appears they need more than that. hahaha


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